We don't give out Wigs, We give out Widgets

Frequently Asked Questions

About how many people work here?

5 for now.

How many  admins do you have?

Only I have access to the "Dashboard" of the site. (Access to all)

What made you make a widgets site?

Another cool site that used tools, and I thought I could do the same.

Can you make me a special widget?

I'm afraid not. All widgets are public on this site. (Unless there is some problems.)

What is the staff's penguins names?

Please look at the staff page  to view.

When did you start this site?

This site started at 4/23/08

How can I contact the all the staff online LIVE?

You can go to or

My answer is not here, and I want to know what should I do?

Either go to our chat box(es) so we can answer ( or or if we are not online go to the "Contact Us" page and type your question in the private chat. Even if I am offline I will get the message when I go back on. Then your question will be in the F.A.Q page for us to answer. Hope that helps!