We don't give out Wigs, We give out Widgets

 We have; 11 widgets; 9 active; 1 cancelled; 1 pending

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On the description if there is a WPX it mean that it does NOT work for WordPress.  

Back Ground Changer

 Description: Get a HTML code for a button to put on your site to change your background.  WPX





  Description: Download cursors and use them for your own computer anywhere!


PengWig Search


   Description: Use our search engine and find new things!


ClubPenguin BackGround Music

Description: Choose a CP song and copy the  HTML code to put it on your site.  WPX


How To Play CP

 Description: Canceled! WPX


Back Ground Loading Notifier

Description:  Tells your customers when your back ground is loading on your site.


 Description: Copy and paste this code on your site, and you'll never have to update your Club Penguin Pin Post    Again!(Automatically updates)


Book Codes

Description: List of book codes that can get you 1500 coins and a book on C.P! (Second time 2000 coins only.)



Description: Makes your long domain in to a simpler .tk at the end. Free!

Xat Icons

 Description: Don't have powers, days, or xats? These icons are Animations, that can be on YOUR icon. Act like a subscriber!



Text Scroller

  Description: Make a text scroller! Copy the HTML code, paste it on your site!



3D Buttons

 Description: Get a 3D button, and edit the rest on the software paint! (On your computer)

 Coming Soon!Estimation of when it will come out... Unknown.